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Welcome to my online new age & spiritual courses with
Paul McCarthy

online New Age Spiritual Courses

with Paul McCarthy

Focused mini courses that show you how to make quick and easy progress with the relevant subject. 

These mini course are ideal for those with little time or money to spend on courses. Each course has an initial reading element of no more than 30 minutes followed by only 1 hour a week for exercises for 3 weeks. Courses only cost £50 each. NO DEADLINES, NO CASE STUDIES & NO RESEARCH NEEDED.

Paul has created 6 themed courses that are unique and based on the subjects that he has been asked to help with.

Each course provides written essential information, suggested power techniques, an opportunity to ask questions about the subject and an attuned crystal will be sent to you.

The mini courses

Protection Course

This course is for those who are sensitive to energies and wish to understand this area and better manage their relationship to other people’s energies.


Intuition Course

This course is for those who want to enhance their intuition so that can more easily receive the guidance and understandings it can bring to us.

Energy Work Course

This course is for those who want to work with spiritual energies in all ways including healing, activational work and with channeling. The course teaches the main principles and techniques which are used in all energy work and which you need to master.

Earth Healer Course

This course is for those people who want to work energetically with the Earth and specifically with Sacred Sites. The course gives you the essential approaches and information you need to begin this work. 


Manifestation Course

This course is for those who want to more easily attract the people, situations and abundance that they need and want. 

Creativity Course

This course is for those who want to understand how they can open up to more creative impulses to help their work and to create new projects.  Ideal for writers and those service workers who want to create a new spiritual business or project.

About Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy 

Paul McCarthy is a Channel and Teacher for the Ascended Masters, Star and Celestial beings. He is an International workshop leader having given over 250 workshops in the US and Europe over the last 12 years. He has trained 1000's of spiritual seekers worldwide within his courses and workshops. The courses contain personal insights from Paul's own experiences as well as information channeled within the thousands of readings that he has given. 

Cannot attend a Workshop?

Paul receives many messages from people wishing to attend his workshops but cannot as they live too far away. These online new age courses give you access to the same information and teachings that he uses in his workshops and so now nobody has to miss out! 

Style of Teaching

Paul is a practical teacher who understand his subjects very deeply. He teaches in such a way that participants are encouraged to have their own personal experiences and relationship to the subject matters. This encourages a fuller understanding and it is empowering. All of Paul's work is unique . Although the content of the courses is ambitious, Paul avoids unnecessary use of spiritual jargon and seeks to make complex subjects accessible through simple explanations. As such newcomers to these subjects are always welcome.    


"thank you for sending me the course notes and exercises. I deeply appreciate the way you share information and the energy that is behind the words. It's hard to find the words for it, but modest and big come to my mind and a lot of unconditional Love." 

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